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High quality Mathematics, English, Science and UCAT tutoring. Watch the video below to see why we are trusted by 3000 students a year!

Why choose Ngo and Sons?

25+ Years of Proven Success

Updated Syllabus

Our syllabus has been edited and revised to mirror the New South Wales Education Standards Authority (NESA) guidelines. The syllabus is constantly reviewed by our specialist staff that are privileged associates of the Department of Education.

Dedicated Teachers

Our teachers are not only high achievers but have passed our Teacher Quality Assessment (TQA). They are the perfect role-models providing a holistic approach to learning for students both inside and outside of the classroom.

99.95 Mindset, State Ranks

At Ngo & Sons, we do not select high achievers but we guide the weak into competent and the competent into students that top their grade! We have helped many students in the past 20 years on their journey towards 99.95 as well as State Ranks (#1).

Full Homework Solutions

All Ngo and Sons homework materials come with fully worked solutions written by our top educators. On top of this, recorded videos with full explanations will be provided to students to view once they have attempted it themselves.

Online Portal

Get access to our online portal with full recordings of all your lessons, homework solutions and more! Parents also will have access to their own portal which can track exam marks, homework feedback and view teacher announcements

Weekly Quizzes

Students will sit weekly quizzes as well as end of term exams to revise their understanding and practice application of previously learnt content. This ensures students are well equipped at solving exam style questions when it counts the most!


Meet the Team

Dr Truong Ngo

Principal and Owner

David Mai

Director of Parramatta
Amanda Nguyen
Head of English


Having been a student at Ngo and Sons from Year 6 til Year 12, I can definitely say that my experience here has allowed me to grow intellectually as well as emotionally. The wonderful staff of Ngo and Sons provide audiences with unlimited knowledge towards the Mathematics content that is being taught, effectively catering to my every need throughout high school. My success in Mathematics throughout high school would not have been achieved without Ngo and Sons as their great resources and beneficial teaching methods. I have developed an appreciation for mathematics and have been rewarded with many academic achievements in Mathematics as a result of the variety of teachers who were available to me. Furthermore, Ngo and Sons have also provided me with an environment where I am able to learn such important family values of respect and responsibility, from my peers and teachers. All the tutors at Ngo and Sons constantly reminded me and my peers of the importance of motivating ourselves in order to succeed in our schooling life and thus make our parents proud in the process. It is this instilled appreciation for family that I can truly thank Ngo and Sons for providing me with renewed insights towards discipline, family, humility and perseverance. For these following reasons, I am truly thankful for Ngo and Sons for their contributions in moulding me into a better mathematical student but also a more responsible teenager.
Therese Nguyen
Hurlstone Agricultural High School

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