Behavioural Expectations

Our coaching centre operates on traditional Eastern values of respect, humility and hard work. We believe these values play an important role in ensuring students achieve their highest academic potential and are equipped with the tools they need to excel in academics as well as the professional world post-education. Having respectful and hard-working students also ensures our classes run efficiently and productively. Furthermore, these values emphasise the importance of elders and the student’s upbringing, which in turn teaches the student to appreciate the role of their parent(s) or guardian(s) in contributing to their success.In order to succeed in their studies as well as in the professional world after school, students must:

  • Develop habits of hard work
  • Be academically prepared and confident
  • Learn to speak and behave formally and respectfully
  • Practise humility; be humble and modest

Our Centre will not accept or tolerate students who break any rules or procedures. This includes being rude, disrespectful, lazy or disruptive to the Centre or other students in any way. This behaviour is in disagreement with our Centre’s fundamental values. We understand that many families may be unaccustomed to such specific and strict behavioural expectations, however all those that are within our premises must adhere to our Centre’s policies and guidelines. The Directors hold the right to expel any students based on any one of the following conditions:

  • Violation of behavioural expectation of the Centre as outlined above;
  • Unresolved disputes between the parent and the centre; and
  • Abusive or aggressive behaviour from students or parents to our Staff Members. This includes verbal (profanity, shouting) or physical abuse.