Homework Policy

Students are issued with homework questions after each lesson. Teachers collect homework to be marked through a process of random selection each week. This ensures that students will always try to complete their homework to an acceptable standard to further support their learning at the Centre. Our markers have been trained to provide students with thorough feedback regarding their working out. Markers will also help teachers identify any weaknesses that students are struggling with in order to address such issues early on.

Our teachers have been trained to teach questions in a systematic order, starting from simple questions then moving to more complex questions. Homework questions have been specifically chosen such that they will consolidate the students’ learning. It serves as a form of practice to help students perfect their understanding of theories and techniques taught in class. Homework questions will often be less difficult than those taught in class.

In rare instances, students may encounter a homework question they cannot complete. In such cases, they will be able to ask the teacher in the following week’s lesson. Our classes have been structured so that the first fifteen minutes of each lesson are allocated to assist students with questions they could not complete on their own for homework. The teacher will provide a thorough explanation and show students how the question is to be completed. Students are expected to write this working out and answer in their homework booklet in a red pen.

Homework is given a mark out of ten each time it is collected for marking. Marks are deducted for the following reasons: poor structure and working out; not using the method taught; and incomplete or unattempted homework. Parents will be notified in writing if the student obtains a “Fail” grade (less than 6 out of 10). Note that NO MARKS WILL BE DEDUCTED from homework if students have included the working out and answer to a difficult question, written in red pen from when they first raised the issue with their teacher. Markers will not penalize students for something they are unable to do. We have structured our teaching program so that it is unlikely for students to fail homework. The only circumstance where a student will fail is if they are lazy.