Medicine Interviews

Medicine & Dentistry Interview Training

Alex, our Director of Medicine Interviews & UNSW Medicine graduate, has over 10 years of experience in interview training. He transforms students into confident, charismatic speakers. In his own inimitable way.

He has mentored over 300 successful students (nationally & internationally) into Medicine & Dentistry. From high school students, university students, established professionals, to international students – you name the background, he’s mentored them. He knows what he’s doing, he deliver results.

Why does Alex do what he does?
He offers two reasons:

  1. I mentor students into Medicine & Dentistry because I care. It's satisfying helping good people do good things. I've seen far too many a deserving candidate fail due to poor preparation & complacency; he/she loses time, money, & ambition. I still remember how hurt I was from failing to get into Med right out of high school - dreams were [momentarily] crushed. I do not want you to endure that pain.’
  2. I feel I'm quite skilful at doing what I do. Getting students into medicine & dentistry is one thing I do better than anyone else.’

If you get offered interviews, congratulations! You must be excited, you’re just one step away.
Group Interview Training runs throughout November & December.

Get in touch with Alex immediately at alexmedicinementor@gmail.com