Ngo and Sons Preparatory College (NSPC)

Year 2 - 6

Core Classes

Thinking Skills
At Ngo & Sons Preparatory College (NSPC), all students engage in our Core Courses as a minimum. Our Core Courses provide a systematic way of teaching students to excel in Thinking Skills, English and Mathematics.

All classes are graded to group together students of similar abilities so that teachers can convey the teaching material in the most effective and efficient manner. The course content will thus be tailored to each child’s ability.

The teaching structure of our syllabus covers basic principles and theories followed by application of the theory to practical questions which range from simple to difficult. This course allows students to have a strong foundation.

Homework tasks are set on a weekly basis and will follow what has been taught in class. Students will be required to sit an end of term test.

Opportunity Class (OC)
Trial Test Program

Each year, over 10,000 Year 4 students sit the OC Exam with the hope of gaining a spot in a top class in one of 76 schools across the State. It is a two-year program where students attend full time class with the most gifted students across the State. This is believed to maximize a student’s chances of gaining entry to Selective School in Year 7.

Through many years’ experience in teaching and working in the education sector, the Directors of NSPC have been made aware of a recent trend to a more natural style of intelligence questioning which requires students to think laterally and beyond the general theories that are taught in textbooks or schools.

The questions that are given in our OC Mock Exams are unique to our OC Training Program and have been formulated by a large group of Mathematics and English educators. They are not available in any textbooks.

Selective Trial Test Program

Approximately 1 out of 3 applicants were successful in gaining a position at a selective school. At NSPC we believe that we are able to maximize each student’s chances.

The Selective Trial Test Training Program at NSPC consists of a series of mock exams that are in keeping with the actual exam. These exams allow the students to improve their fluid intelligence, ability to think and reason abstractly, diagrammatic reasoning, inductive reasoning and logical reasoning.

All the questions in the Selective Trial Test Mock Exams at NSPC have been carefully written by our Directors and are unique to this centre. They are not the simple textbook questions which only look at simple ideas.

Writing Workshop

Writing is often considered a complex and difficult process to learn but in fact, relative to all other academic activities, writing requires more basic skills than perhaps any other.

Great writing starts with strong ideas. Strong ideas come from reading as widely as possible and communicating verbally in a variety of situations. Whether it’s reading fiction and non-fiction books, or watching the news or engaging in every day conversation with family members and friends, these are all opportunities for students to develop robust thinking. As such, students at NSPC will be required to keep a reading log book which will compel students to read. As students begin to read, they will then develop a hunger for literature and with this hunger seeds ideas that the student can use to write.

The goal of our Writing Workshops is to instruct students on structure and provide clarity on the best approach to writing tasks. Alongside structure and content, the workshops also emphasise correct grammar, spelling and punctuation within pieces of writing.

Homework Help Class

Homework class will be available to those students who have difficulties completing their assigned core class homework. These classes are not for students to attend to do homework; rather, they are there for students to ask questions that they have not been able to figure out at home. These classes are free of charge.