Our Endless Passion

Beginning in Vietnam in the 1950s with the passion and mathematics knowledge of our founder Mr Ngo, all our teachers all have a passion for teaching and are motivated by each student's desire to learn. With a large team of highly experienced teachers, our Centre delivers only the best to our students.

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Our teachers undergo an extensive recruitment and training program. Read below to find out more.


At the beginning of each year, up to 80 applicants are assessed for the role of becoming a staff member. The applicants include students receiving extremely high ATAR results to teachers with many years of experience. Each candidates undergo training. Approximately 2% of these candidates, who have shown potential, will be invited to continue training.


Those candidates who have been selected attend small group tutorials which are held twice a week.

When proficient, candidates sit the Teacher Quality Assessment (TQA) where they teach in front of the Board of Directors. Only after passing this assessment will they be inducted as a teacher at Ngo and Sons and only allowed to teach junior classes.

Those who show exemplary skills, are invited to train with a director for a period of 1-2 years and after successfully completing the course will be allowed to teach a senior class under supervision.

Ongoing Evaluation

Teachers also undergo further monitoring through regular evaluation by our Coordinators. This occurs on a monthly basis and teachers who are unable to meet the evaluation criteria will undergo further training and more frequent assessment.