Our Unique Technique

There are three aspects that are crucial in becoming a good mathematician: Understanding, Application and Memory.

It is a misnomer to think that great teaching is just being able to break down complicated ideas into simple concepts. In actual fact this is the easy part of teaching. Great teaching is the ability to use a questions to highlight ideas that need to be taught. Questions can be thought of as vehicles that carry these abstract ideas and hence each question must have a purpose. Teachers must not teach the question but the idea behind the question.

The philosophy at Ngo and Sons is to make students understand that to excel in Mathematics, they must understand mathematic techniques taught ( why the techniques work), must be able to recognise the type of question given and be able to apply the correct technique. This allows the students to learn in a structured way, build up speed and most importantly remember what they have been taught. At Ngo and Sons, your child will be shown special techniques that can be used to solve a myriad of problems. This has only been made possible through the extensive, brilliant knowledge of our founder.

Teaching should not be about doing repetitive, endless practice questions that are given in a haphazard way.

Further to this, teachers are trained to teach based on the “The Art of Teaching” booklet written by Dr Ngo and all teachers are assessed based on this. It is a complicated and often demanding method of teaching that has been acclaimed by many who have worked at Ngo and Sons and gone to become leaders in their respective fields.

At Ngo and Sons we do not select high achievers but we turn the weak into competent and we turn the competent into students that top their grade through our mathematical techniques and through our techniques in teaching.