Regular Attendance

Regular attendance at school is essential if students are to achieve their full potential. Students who regularly attend educational activities have better health and employment outcomes. It is important that children understand and develop a habit of regular attendance at an early age to promote a good and stable study routine. Conversely, students who do not regularly attend educational activities are more likely to show disruptive and delinquent behaviour and these outcomes may have later implications for employment and a range of health risk behaviours.

At the Centre we pride ourselves in providing the best education possible which includes responsibility for promoting the regular attendance of students. We ask that parents work in partnership with the tutoring Centre to strongly encourage students to show respect to their teacher and classmates by attending class as regularly as possible. It is vital that attendance rates in class are kept as high as possible, not just for the benefit of the individual student, but also for the smooth running of the classroom. Students who have poor attendance often disrupt their class by falling behind their peers and subsequently slowing the class down which in turn affects other students’ progress in the course.

Under Centre policy, attendance records and roll call are strictly kept for early identification of students at risk of developing poor class attendance patterns and as proof to parents of frequent absences.

If a student is away for three weeks or more in a 10 week term for two consecutive terms, parents will be asked to show cause as to why enrolment of the student should be continued. The Centre reserves the right to deny the re-enrolment of such students.

If a student is marked as being absent on the rolls for two weeks, and the teacher has not been notified, their names will be deleted from the rolls and the student will be considered as having relinquished their position at the Centre. This includes holiday periods such as Christmas Holidays and semester breaks. Students who undertake breaks must alert their teacher so that their position will be kept for a definite period of time.

At the Centre we impose these strict guidelines regarding attendance as we will not allow any individual student to negatively influence the learning and improvement of the vast majority of students who do follow the rules. We thank you for your understanding.