Ngo and Sons is a wonderful learning environment with an extremely supportive and talented network of teachers who genuinely care for their students. From attending this centre, a huge improvement has been shown in my school marks and I have developed a renewed interest in math as a result of the positive teaching methods. This supplementation has both enhanced my understanding at school, giving me confidence and also helped me build my moral integrity with the constant encouragements from our teacher.
Fiona Guo Baulkham Hills High School
I've almost finished year 12 and my years tutoring at Ngo & Sons and to be reflecting back is such a strange thing to do. But looking back holistically, whilst there were periods when I detested going tutoring and all the work that made me miss out on small social events and such, retrospectively, they seem so trivial. Whilst, Ngo & Sons has taught me a myriad of mathematical techniques, logical ways to approach questions and such, that schools often fail to do succinctly and clearly, it is the values which are integral to the Centre which really set it apart. I remember, quite amusingly, how assiduously I would complete my work and prepare for exams in my junior years, but it is these integral values of respect, hard work and discipline which were imbued into me at a young age which has clearly benefitted my study habits in older years; these being the most difficult to change. In senior years, the hilarious classes filled with anecdotal stories, bad jokes and encouragements are balanced with intensive exam-style preparation, which really foster an environment conducive to inspiring confidence and personal growth.
Euginia Wu Sydney Girls High School
As a student of almost five years, I can honestly say that I owe so much to this place, and not just in regards to my grades and schooling. All the tutors at Ngo and Sons place a huge amount of emphasis on traditional family values - values that can easily be forgotten or overlooked as you grow up. As a teenager, it's hard to imagine your parents as anything other than your parents, so you often take what they do for granted. But here, you're constantly reminded of the sacrifices they make. Here, the tutors can somehow always find a way to link everything back to the importance of family. Of course, I can accredit a number of my academic achievements to the centre, but I'd also like to say that this place did a lot in shaping who I am as a person - and I'm so incredibly grateful.
Laura Bui Hurlstone Agricultural High School
Mathematics was always a difficult subject for me, the concepts were hard to grasp and abstract. However, not only is Ngo and Sons a tutoring centre where I gained a greater understanding of maths but it was also a place where I learnt to be a better person. The staff and teachers are devoted to improving your mathematics abilities with the classes well run and organized and I am eternally grateful to Ngo and Sons for what they have done for me.
Benjamin Dang Sydney Boys High School
Having been a student at Ngo and Sons from Year 6 til Year 12, I can definitely say that my experience here has allowed me to grow intellectually as well as emotionally. The wonderful staff of Ngo and Sons provide audiences with unlimited knowledge towards the Mathematics content that is being taught, effectively catering to my every need throughout high school. My success in Mathematics throughout high school would not have been achieved without Ngo and Sons as their great resources and beneficial teaching methods. I have developed an appreciation for mathematics and have been rewarded with many academic achievements in Mathematics as a result of the variety of teachers who were available to me. Furthermore, Ngo and Sons have also provided me with an environment where I am able to learn such important family values of respect and responsibility, from my peers and teachers. All the tutors at Ngo and Sons constantly reminded me and my peers of the importance of motivating ourselves in order to succeed in our schooling life and thus make our parents proud in the process. It is this instilled appreciation for family that I can truly thank Ngo and Sons for providing me with renewed insights towards discipline, family, humility and perseverance. For these following reasons, I am truly thankful for Ngo and Sons for their contributions in moulding me into a better mathematical student but also a more responsible teenager.
Therese Nguyen Hurlstone Agricultural High School
Ngo and Sons taught me to be disciplined and independent. I am forever grateful that this is the centre I chose to attend as not only the education was explicit but the trachers made me a better and stronger person.
Emilia Aceski St Euphemia College
As a student who has attended NGO since 2016, the word which would summarise my experience would be phenomenally pleasant. The teachers are very dedicated to their job and have the patience and knowledge to impart the knowledge in the most efficient and concise way. They are also very capable in explaining difficult problems and then simplify and break it down with a step by step approach. Although substitute teachers covers the classes the regular teachers may not attend due to situations, they are minor hiccups as the substitutes are just as capable. I have realised during my attendance, NGO not only teaches the materials needed for the exams, but also techniques and knacks for questions which can significantly help under exam conditions. As a former student at the centre, I enjoyed my stay and through the diversity of the classrooms, also made new friends from various schools. I would highly recommend this centre to any other students who are about to partake in oncoming HSC years as it certainly helped in improving my results for school, and ultimately, the HSC itself.
Jia Yi Wang Blacktown Boys High School