• Junior Science (Year 7 - 10)
  • Physics and Chemistry (Year 11 and 12)

NESA Syllabus

Our NESA liaison ensures our courses are constantly up to date with any syllabus changes made .

Material is refined by knowledgeable staff with Physics and Chemistry based university degrees

Extensive Question Bank

Challenging questions designed by experienced teachers and PhD students.

Our questions are to stretch our students knowledge, allowing them to apply scientific concepts critically and efficiently to gain maximal marks.

Solutions and guidance is provided for all levels of questions

Mock Exams

It is essential that students get the necessary practice to apply their knowledge and train their scientific thinking skills in an exam-like environment.

Our mock exams are to:
  • Expose students to different styles of questions, including our extension questions
  • Provide exam answering tips for both multiple choice and short/long responses
  • Train our students to answer all questions to Band 6 standards

Passionate Teachers

With university science-based degrees, our trained teachers are equipped with extensive background knowledge.

Our teachers are dedicated to give personal help for in-class material, school material or depth-study projects. This creates an open and healthy studying environment for our students.