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Bác Sĩ, Nha Sĩ, 醫生, 牙醫

At Ngo and Sons Academic Coaching,  we aim to get you in.

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Dr Truong Ngo (General Practitioner, Director of Ngo & Sons) and Mr Alex Ngo (BMed, UNSW; Director of UCAT) are passionate about health.

They appreciate how competitive it is to get into Medicine & Dentistry nowadays, so they want to help you.

Mr Alex Ngo, our Director of UCAT & Medicine Interviews & UNSW Medicine Graduate, is one of Australia, NZ, & UK's leading medical mentors. He has 15 years of trusted, professional expertise in medical admissions, aptitude entry tests, and University-Specific Interviews.

He decided to teach these subjects because having experienced how they were taught by other companies he was disappointed. He knew he could do much better.

He has mentored over 350 Successful Students (nationally & internationally) into Medicine & Dentistry.From High School Students, University Students, 99.95s, Established Professionals, to Military Personnel & International Students – you name the background, he’s mentored them.

Why does Mr Ngo do what he does?
'I mentor Students into Medicine & Dentistry because 3 main reasons:
1) I care about you. It's satisfying helping good people do good things. I've seen far too many a deserving Candidate fail due to poor preparation & complacency; he/she loses time, money, & ambition. My own false start, my journey applying for and studying Medicine, I remember.I've been in your place; I see your aspirations & your challenges. I'll be invested in you. I'll believe in you, like Family.
2) I enjoy mentoring you. I enjoy adding value to and connecting with people such as yourself
3) I believe I can help you win. Getting Students into Medicine & Dentistry is one thing I feel I do better than others.'

'Our aim is not only quantity but also quality.'

Here to support you,
Alex the Medical Mentor

Trusted 15 Years' Expertise
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTZd2igEBCIulw_cnKRvyFw
5★ Reviews: https://www.tutorfinder.com.au/tutors/reviews.php?TutorID=70085
Professional, Premium, Personalised

Special Medicine Information Presentation

In the past, Ngo & Sons organised a highly popular, free annual event in Marchthe Special Medicine Information Evening.
The Presentation is available now, led by Mr Alex Ngo, Ngo & Sons' Director of UCAT.
He aims to enlighten and inspire students wishing to become Doctors and Dentists – Bác Sĩ, Nha Sĩ, 醫生, 牙醫.

Year 11 & 12s, Friends (Senior grades), Parents, & Guardians are welcome.


Presentation Topics (2 hours 25 minutes)
My Story  – 03:36
Why Medicine – 07:57
Pathways into Medical School – 12:37
Australian Medical Schools – 14:28
The UCAT Exam – 21:09
ATAR + Subject Selection – 39:40
The Medicine Interview – 42:36
Medical Student Life – 50:40
Medicine Career – 55:58
Tips – Maximise Your Chances into Medicine – 59:02
Plan B – What happens if you don't get into Medicine after Year 12 – 1:02:32
Professional Services – 1:11:56
Medicine Entry Strategy Timeline – 1:17:49
Evaluation-Planning Sessions 1:20:39
UCAT Training – 1:23:51
Application Proofreading – 1:40:54
Medicine Interview Training – 1:43:03
Professional Fees + Why choose Alex –
Protégé Positive 5★ Reviews2:09:16

The Event has been highly popular in past years, always reaching capacity.

We've had 300 attendees, many of whom left positive feedback and left more enlightened about the Medical and Dental Entry process in Australia.

There are many free seminars out there; this one is different.
Special Medicine Information Presentation


UCAT stands for University Clinical Aptitude Test. It is a 2-hour computer-based, 225 MCQ Admissions Test in July & August, for many Medical & Dental schools in Australia. Year 12 students & University students are eligible to sit the exam; Year 11s are ineligible.UCAT is an aptitude (skill-based) test designed to be difficult, selecting for applicants with the most appropriate mental abilities, attitudes, and professional behaviours required in Medicine & Dentistry.
Preparation is a must.

For more information, please visit: https://www.ucat.edu.au/

Intensive UCAT Course (Online LIVE Zoom)

Mr Ngo, our Director of UCAT, personally teaches our Intensive UCAT Course (Online LIVE Zoom).
You may participate in the live class (April, 2022), or self-study recorded Course, which includes 15+ hours comprehensive videos and study notes of UCAT techniques – available for purchase now.

When - During the first week of Autumn School Holidays (11-13 April, 2022), over 3 Full Days (Monday-Wednesday, 9.30am-4.30pm daily).

Where - Zoom – Your Comfortable Home or Office. Front Row Seat.

Who - Year 11s, 12s, University Students
- Year 11s - you'll have <15 months to get ready
- Year 12s/University Students - you'll have <3 months to get ready. Cutting it close, but it's not too late. Do not dawdle!

What - You will learn effective techniques to beat the 5 UCAT Subtests:
Day 1: Verbal Reasoning
Day 2: Decision Making + Quantitative Reasoning
Day 3: Abstract Reasoning + Situational Judgement

We've deconstructed UCAT to create a Syllabus for you to learn from. Structure. Techniques.
As UCAT is about SPEED (you get only 14.18 seconds per Abstract Reasoning question!), we're aiming to get you so familiar with UCAT questions that you're able to 'see,' process, and answer them reflexively.
To a point where you feel you can self-manage.

Why Online LIVE Workshop?
Three main reasons:
Appropriate - Official UCAT is a computer exam, so it's appropriate that we train using the computer.  Eco-friendly, a plus.
Efficient - You get to use your own computer, at home or your office. Save commute time.
Effective - You get the same high-quality Teaching and Support as you would in-person.

You'll see Mr Ngo's shared screen clearly, with Whiteboard feature, and you can interact LIVE (Polls).
You may ask Mr Ngo questions privately (shy students feel at ease and supported).
High-quality Recordings and Full Course Notes are shared, with you.

You'll need to download & install free simple software (we'll give you easy instructions, takes less than 1 minute).
Let us embrace technology.

Alongside the UCAT Course, you will get access to a Full Online UCAT Question Bank* (Medify's 20,000+ questions & solutions), which closely resembles the real UCAT user interface.
Practising & refining your skills using this true interface will familiarise you with your actual exam.

Through Ngo and Sons, you get:
   1. Unlimited Support – you get to email Mr Ngo for help, as much as you need
   2. To join our Private Group
   3. Medify Renewal Discount (Exclusive, > 20% off)

*Year 12s get access immediately, until August, 2022 (after UCAT 2022 ends).
Year 11s get access after August, 2022, lasting until their UCAT in July 2023 (12 months' subscription).

Year 11s wishing to start Medify immediately, may do so, but will need to renew their subscription after August, 2022, for $320 fee (exclusively discounted). That is, a Year 11 wishing to use Medify from April, 2022 until August, 2023, will need to pay an additional $320.If you wish to start it in April, please select the option on Enrolment Form.
Note: This Intensive UCAT Course is complete .You will be taught enough strategies that allow you to self-study afterwards.

Attending this Course once would be enough; it is not mandatory to do again.
However, many Year 11s do attend the Course again in Year 12 – for revision, consolidation, & extra learning (the UCAT Course is upgraded yearly to align with official UCAT).You’d be most welcome to do so too (and yes, you'll get a Past Student Discount).

We put a lot of time and effort into this Course because we want you to do well.
We want you to find value.
Feel free to email Mr Ngo if you need clarification, he's here for you.

- Medify Question Bank only (Access, with Expert Support and Free Bonuses 🎁) - $320
- Intensive UCAT Course (3 Days) only - $1100
- Intensive UCAT Course + Medify Question Bank (Bundle Special)
     - 1 Student - $1350 (Save $70)
     - 3 Students (Join with two other Friends) - $1200 each (Save $220) (Most Popular, Best Value)

Limited seats – first come, first served.
To avoid disappointment, register now.

Registrations close: Friday 8 April 2022 (or when capacity reached, whichever earlier)
Join the N&S UCAT Squad.

Register at Fairfield, Parramatta, Hurstville Receptions and:
Intensive UCAT Course

UCAT Mock Exam

Year 12s (and keen Year 11s), you may register for the UCAT Mock Exam (9.30am-4.30pm), held on Sunday, 26 June, 2022 (Winter NSW School Holidays, after Term 2), at Online LIVE Zoom, before you sit your actual UCAT Exam in July.

You’ll sit a full 2-hour UCAT Mock Exam
, learn to appreciate the format & time pressure of the UCAT, as well as determine your percentile rank amongst your peers. Knowing where you stand is not only insightful but also highly motivating.
After the Exam, we will review the paper together.

     - 1 Student - $350
     - 3 Students (Join with two other Friends) - $300 each (Save $50)

An excellent final opportunity to ask Mr Ngo to address any last concerns.
And for final UCAT tips. To get you ready.
Last day to register – Friday 24th June, 2022

Limited seats – first come, first served
To avoid disappointment, register now.

Register at Fairfield, Parramatta, Hurstville Receptions and:
UCAT Mock Exam

Medicine & Dentistry Interview Courses (Self-study)

If you get offered an Interview(s), Congratulations! You must be excited, you’re just one step away.

Mr Ngo
transforms students into confident, charismatic speakers. In his own inimitable way.

He is one of the few tutors (actually, probably the only one) who's been following the Australian Universities' interview questions since 2008.
He's been trained by award-winning Public Speakers - Finalists in Toastmasters International Speech Contests (C. Burke) - and internationally renowned Voice Coaches.

Your Medicine/Dentistry Interview requires you to articulate your life experiences into concise, clear, compelling responses. To help you with that, Mr Ngo will share with you his Step-by-Step approach.
Importantly, you need objective feedback, not from your friends or family.
If you need someone who is frank in his appraisal, telling you like it is, someone who imbues you with self-confidence - he's the man.
Learn to convey charisma, authenticity, & integrity.

He has 75+ positive reviews from his past students. Here's a recent one:
Not only did Alex help me tremendously in getting into my desired course (USYD Double Degree Medicine), I took a lot more from his lessons – important life skills that make me aware of how I interact with people, how I present myself to others and in social environments. I honestly believe these skills will be useful in my future, not just for interviews.’ – Ian N, successful applicant to University of Sydney Medicine (BSc/MD)

You've toiled to reach this final stage, why would you now gamble?
Interview Training, really, a small investment in your future.

Mr Ngo has drawn confidence & personality from some of the shyest, most introverted, uninspired applicants and also tempered some of most idealistic, melodramatic, and grandiose ones. They got in.
He's confident he can help you find your sweet spot.

'Please don't go into your Interviews blind. Let me light up your path.' 🔥
'I believe all my student encounters are meaningful. Apart from assisting with interviews, I intend to impart integrity.
If investing a small amount in yourself helps you become a medical/dental student, a more effective communicator, & a more charismatic person overall, then our training could be one of the best things you ever do.' Mr Alex Ngo

Medicine Interview Courses run throughout November, December to next year February, on Zoom (Online) – eco-friendly, efficient, & effective.

If you achieved a UCAT score over 85th percentile, expecting, or have received an Interview Offer – firstly, excellent job!
Secondly, inform Mr Ngo now at alex@medmentor.com.au and register to attend a Medicine Interview Workshop below!

Let's get you into Medicine & Dentistry! 🤛
Mr Alex Ngo
Ngo & Sons Director of UCAT & Medicine Interviews
Medicine Interview Courses