Online Learning

Classes will be face-to-face as well as live via Zoom. Students can either be present in class or attend the lesson at home via Zoom. Lessons will be recorded and students, if for any reasons are unable to attend class can view recording at a later time (recording will be available for 2 weeks, no extensions will be given). In class, teachers will be teaching using an iPad and projecting their slides onto the projector screen. Free homework tutorials will be available online to provide extra help, subject to teacher availability. Tutorials will be conducted via zoom.  

All our Centres are Covid Safe and its operations are governed by our strict Covid Safety plan (specifically designed by our Medical team). At all times, the Centre will
  • Staff and students will not be allowed in the premises if they exhibit respiratory symptoms.
  • There will be compulsory QR attendance tracking
  • All staff and students must wear masks. Students who do not have masks can purchase individual masks at reception. Hand sanitisers will be available.
  • Cleaning will take place after each lesson and thorough cleaning of each room will be done regularly.
  • Parents are not allowed to wait onsite. They must wait downstairs when picking up students. Students must be seated at all times. Classes will start on time and end on time to avoid traffic through the Centres. Where elevators are required to gain access to one of our Centres, students must obey the rules of the building and are encouraged to use the stairs. Anyone caught breaking building Covid rules will lose their position
  • As soon as class capacity has been reached, no further enrolments will be accepted.

Enrolment and Payments

Parents and students are advised to read our Terms and Conditions prior to enrolling. We have four phone lines available but due to the high demand, we may not be able to answer your call immediately.

Full payment of fees are considered a commitment to completing the entire term. As lessons are recorded, there will be no refunds issued under any circumstances. If there are any technical difficulties on our end we will have a recording of an alternate lesson after a few days. The Centre is not responsible for technical issues of students.

Fees must be paid prior to class admission. 10% discount will be given to students who attend our online courses.

Please note that staff will be available from Monday – Friday from 3.00pm – 8.00pm and Saturday – Sunday from 10.00am – 6.00pm. Any phone calls outside these hours will not be answered. Information will be updated on our website and facebook page. If there are any issues feel free to contact one of our friendly staff on
  • High School (Fairfield, Parramatta, Hurstville): (02) 9755 9424
  • NSPC: 0491 680 618

Sample Videos

Year 3 Perimeter
Teacher: Mr Justin Nguyen
Senior Teacher (NSPC)
Year 10 Quadratic Inequality
Teacher: Miss Shannon Duong
Head of Mathematics
(Hurstville Campus)
Year 8 Volumes
Teacher: Dr Truong Ngo
Principal and Director
Year 7 Fractions
Teacher: Dr Truong Ngo
Principal and Director
Year 11 Exponential
Area Under the Curve
Teacher: Mr David Mai
Year 11 Arithmetic Progressions
Teacher: Miss Maggie Lai
Senior Teacher