Mathematics Programme

The technique that we teach at Ngo & Sons was founded by Dr. Ngo’s father and follows the French methodology.

The Directors have created teaching notes that are followed by all of our teachers. Every example follows a strict order. Questions slowly progress in complexity. Subsequent questions build on the ideas generated from previous questions, and students come to see that unlike the Mathematics often taught in school, there is a clear and logical pathway of learning.

All homework questions are related to class work, reducing the need for parents to have to help students.

The Senior Course is divided into three modules, where each module covers the entire HSC syllabus. All students will be taught Module One , and those that are accelerated will also have the opportunity to study Module Two. Students who are particularly gifted in Mathematics will be selected to participate in small group tutorials with a Director of the Centre, focusing on Module Three. This module consists of concepts related to university level Mathematics and has been found to be helpful in the HSC.

In Year 9, students will be selected to attend the Accelerated class in addition to their usual class based on their exam results and recommendations made by their teacher. These classes allow students to learn Mathematics Extension 1 in Year 9 and Mathematics Extension 2 in Year 10. This means that by the time students come to doing the HSC, they will have completed Extension 1 and Extension 2 twice, giving them a considerable advantage over non-accelerated students. However, it is important to understand that this course is only available for students who have been assessed as capable of coping with the rigours of Senior Mathematics in Year Nine 9 and Year Ten 10.

In Year 7, for the students who enrol late to the course, the Directors have created materials to help these students in topics such as; indices, equations and algebra. The bridging course for the Year 7 are FREE of charge, and all new students that enrol in Year 7 will be offered this by their teacher or when the teacher recognises their foundation in these topics are lacking.